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Josh Reynolds Willing, Able to Do What Corey Davis Did

Free-agent wide receiver believes he is an ideal fit for the Tennessee Titans' offense.

If the Tennessee Titans wanted to find a suitable replacement for Corey Davis in their offense, Josh Reynolds believes they made the right choice.

The 26-year-old wide receiver signed a one-year deal with the Titans days after Davis moved on and joined the New York Jets as a free agent. After years down the depth chart with the Los Angeles Rams, Reynolds is confident he can be a productive No. 2 receiver in Tennessee.

“At the point of my career I am in, I am just trying to make a name for myself,” Reynolds said. “With Corey Davis leaving, I can go ahead and fit that role pretty good. I am extremely excited to be a Titan.”

At 6-foot-3, Reynolds is just as tall as Davis. At 196 pounds, he does not offer the same bulk that the 209-pound Davis did, but he believes he will fit in just fine.

“I am basically looking to bring the same aspects as Corey did, and maybe a couple of different things,” he said. “But ultimately, I am trying to fill in that spot and make a name for myself.”

Reynolds joins Tennessee after four years with the Rams, the last of which was his best. He posted a career-high in both targets (81) and receptions (51) and set a personal best with 618 receiving yards in 2020. And his catch percentage improved to 64.2.

The potential to assume Davis’ role is clearly there and having played in a similar play-action-heavy offensive scheme he believes the transition will be smooth for both sides.

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“It’s almost exactly the same with the play-actions and the zone running,” Reynolds said. “It’s going to be a little plug and play with me to be able to come in and do what I was doing with the Rams.

“It shouldn’t be that hard adapting to the playbook. I am ready to go.”

One big difference is the quarterback. With the Rams, Jared Goff, the first overall pick in 2016, directed the attack and endured some growing pains during the early seasons of his career. Tennessee’s Ryan Tannehill is a nine-year veteran who has started more than 100 games in the NFL and has played his best football to date in two seasons with the Titans.

“I am extremely excited to get going with Tannehill,” Reynolds said. “As soon as I called coach [Mike] Vrabel and let him know I was signing, Tannehill texted me 20 minutes later welcoming me to the squad. … Even that right there gets me ready, ready to meet him, ready to compete for these guys and ready to help them win.”

Replacing Davis won’t be easy. The fifth overall pick in 2017 averaged 51.8 receptions and 712.8 receiving yards over the past four seasons. He also developed a reputation as a high-end run blocker for an offense that features two-time rushing champion Derrick Henry.

Maybe Reynolds can’t do everything Davis did exactly as Davis did it, but he is confident that whatever the differences, he will make a difference.

“I can bring that little piece to help the Titans go above and beyond what they have been doing,” he said. “I’m hoping I bring that and help them continue to win.”