Detroit Lions GM Reportedly Open to Trading No.3 Draft Pick

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Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn says he's started conversations as to what the team will do with the no.3 NFL Draft pick. "I've had a few of those conversations over the last week or so. Had a few of those conversations, honestly, as far back as the combine. And then there will be more substantive talks next week if people are interested." Quinn has spent five years with the franchise and hopes to select a player that will make an immediate impact on the team. "We're making sure this year that we're making the right decision that a guy can come in and maybe without a full offseason program and come in and contribute. That's the goal every year. That hasn't changed. We're just in a little different atmosphere right now." The NFL will conduct a virtual draft to select players this season. The Lions will look to make a decision by next Thursday as to what they do with their pick.