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The Cleveland Browns hired Keven Stefanski to be their new head coach after serving as the Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator. A lot of the success or failure for the Browns will rest on the shoulders of two of their most important players, quarterback Baker Mayfield and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Stefanski had a lot of success in Minnesota with quarterback Kirk Cousins and wide receivers Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs. SI’s fantasy and gambling expert Corey Parson tells Kaitlin O’Toole If the rookie head coach’s offensive prowess can benefit Beckham and Mayfield in the world of fantasy football.

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Kaitlin O'Toole: Sports Illustrated is taking you inside the world of fantasy sports. Joining me now is SI's fantasy and gambling analyst Corey Parson. Corey, let's talk about OBJ. Why did Odell have such a down year with the Browns last season?

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Corey Parson: Because I drafted all my fantasy team. Now, honestly, I listen to the lot that went into it. I was really heavy into Odell last year. I thought he was going to have a career season, you know, getting out of New York and one to make up and showed that, you know, in New York that day was wrong in Cleveland. Now, with that being said, not only was he hurt and banged up, would have grown a hip injury for most of the season. You also have the fact that the Cleveland Browns office of mine was terrible. Baker Mayfield was a trash bag last year. And finally, you know, former head coach Freddy Kitchens also a stubborn play caller for the Cleveland Browns offense was pretty terrible. And just last year and Odell Beckham was just a part of it.

Kaitlin O'Toole: OK, so let's talk about this season. Do you think he'll rebound, would you redraft him?

Corey Parson: Oh, yeah, I'm definitely going back after Odell this year. First of all, you get a season that he's fully healthy. The Browns bring in a new head coach and Kevin Stefanski, who's an offensive guru that offers a has made some improvements. And right now, Odell Beckham is going off the board at 12 for wide receiver in fantasy and some of these early drafts. I don't think it's 12 wide receivers in the NFL better than Odell Beckham. So I'm definitely going to take Odell Beckham on a value this year. I think he can have a bounce-back season, a massive year like he's predicting. That's a good thing for.


Kaitlin O'Toole: All right, Corey, thank you so much for your insight. For the latest fantasy and gambling analysis, stay with us, 

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