Tom Brady or Tiger Woods: Who Has Had Greater Career?

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Before Tom Brady brings the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the national spotlight, he'll be playing some golf. Specifically, Brady will be paired with Phil Mickelson, as they take on Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods.

Brady used to be compared to Manning frequently but has separated himself a bit as time has gone on. But how does he stack up to Peyton's charity golf partner? Tom vs Tiger makes for quite a debate, with a clear case for each.

Brady: As we've seen via the endless Michael Jordan and LeBron James comparisons, it is hard for one to be established as the consensus GOAT in any sport. However, when it comes to quarterbacks, Tom Brady is the clear Family Feud answer there. Not only was the extended run he had with the Patriots unprecedented but he's still relevant at 42-years-old. Six Super Bowls and three MVPs to go with all the statistical achievements he's compiled is one heck of a resume. And he isn't done.

Tiger: His recent Masters win was such a moment because it was a reminder of his dominance. It gave Woods his fifth green jacket and made for his 15th overall major championship. Not to mention his presence on the course seems to bring an aura. Not only did he achieve but he helped open up the game to a new audience, in addition to a more conditioned approach. What was once "Be Like Mike" became "I am Tiger Woods". He also did it solo, no one would call his caddie Bill Belichick.

If I'm being honest, athletically and as a sport, I have far more respect for football than I do for golf. Which makes Brady's longevity even more impressive. 

However, I can't say he transcended his game. I can for Woods. So I suppose Tiger is king here.