Marquise Brown Making the Most Out of Coronavirus Quarantine

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced professional athletes to get very creative with their workouts in order to stay in shape. Baltimore Ravens’ wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown is making the most out of his time in quarantine. Brown has been posting workouts and drills to social media to show his gains during the time of social distancing. Raven Country reporter Todd Karpovich tells Madelyn Burke how impressed he’s been with Brown’s workouts.

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Madelyn Burke: Ravens wide receiver Marquise "Hollywood" Brown has been hard at work this offseason, and he's got the social media receipts to prove it. Joining me now is SI's Ravens reporter Todd Karpovich and Todd, Brown has been posting a lot of workout videos of social social media. What is the first thing you notice about him?

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Todd Karpovich: Well, he's really added some muscle. He's always had pretty good hands and he hasn't showed himself running. But that shouldn't be a problem either. Now, he missed all of last season because of the foot surgery. Well, he's in Oklahoma. So he was kind of you couldn't do any of the OTA's, the rookie workouts. he couldn't even start training camp for a few weeks. Still, he wound up having a monster season. So little for Marquise Brown to be an even bigger player for the Ravens in 2020.

Madelyn Burke: Yeah. You mentioned being a bigger player in 2020. I mean, coming off a rookie season that was pretty impressive, how do you see his role evolving with this team?

Todd Karpovich: Well, it's funny because the Ravens players, they remarked about his speed all year in the course of Marquise Brown wasn't really forthcoming about his injuries during the season when after the year he said, look, I wasn't 100 percent the entire season. You haven't seen anything yet. I'm really excited to see it. He's known for his blazing speed. He was able to get behind secondaries in 2019 at eighty, ninety percent. What's he going to do at 100 percent. He can have a big yea he tied a Ravens rookie record with seven touchdowns and he had forty six receptions for 584 yards. So he and Lamar Jackson, have a connection so he could see big things in Hollywood Brown in 2020.

Madelyn Burke: That Ravens team was fun to watch in twenty nineteen. Definitely looking forward to grabbing the popcorn in 2020. Todd Karpovich, thanks so much for taking the time.

Todd Karpovich: Thank you. 

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