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How Will Joe Flacco Impact Sam Darnold, New York Jets?

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Veteran quarterback Joe Flacco is now a New York Jet as a backup for Sam Darnold. Jets team reporter Kristian Dyer breaks down how the addition of Flacco could help Darnold's game going forward.

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Madelyn Burke: The Jets have signed quarterback Joe Flacco to a 1 year, 1.5 million dollar contract. Backup Sam Darnold, now the former Super Bowl MVP is reportedly expected to be out until September 1st, recovering from neck surgery. Joining me now is SI Jets reporter Kristian Dyer. Kristian what are your early impressions of this signing?

Kristian Dyer: I think it makes a lot of sense on multiple grounds. When you look at what happened when Sam Darnold missed weeks to two weeks for with a diagnosis of mono last year, the Jets offense looked absolutely inept. And that's not to say that the Jets offense is wonderful for much of last year, but without Sam Darnold, it was clear that the offense was struggling and teams are simply stacking the box against them during the jets and whether you are about to run. So at the end of the day, this ends up being a move. I think that really works twofold, Madelyn. 


On one hand, you've got the Jets in need of a backup quarterback. And Joe Flacco certainly fits the bill as being a competent backup quarterback. A lot of people aren't talking about it. They talk about his struggles last year, but he had a career-high, sixty-five point three percent completion percentage. You were dealt with. And considering the career he's had, that's a pretty solid number and also a pretty good passer rating as well. On the other hand, you also have a mentor who can come in and kind of guided young Sam Darnold, who's still very much at the beginning of his career, shown the ropes. Flacco's, a local guy, help him kind of navigate some of the roads a little bit. I think this really works well for the Jets and it's a prudent sign. 

Madelyn Burke: Absolutely, and as you mentioned, Darnold, he's missed six games in his young career and the Jets there oh, and six in those contests, so it is important to have a quality backup. Kristian Dyer, thanks so much for the insight. 

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