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Hot Clicks: Melvin Gordon is Used to Playing Without Fans in the Stands

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Current Broncos and former Chargers running back Melvin Gordon pulled no punches when he joined former NFL pro Marcus Cromartie on Instagram. Cromartie asked Gordon how he felt about the idea of playing without fans in the stadium since, as that is a distinct probability due to concerns over the coronavirus. Gordon didn't hold back at all, saying the Chargers "didn't have fans" in the stands anyway, so this wouldn't be anything new for him.

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Marcus Cromartie: Guys can't wait to play the new Raiders Stadium, the new L.A. Stadium. How would you feel if you go on to these games and there's no fans in the stadium? I know there's been a lot of talk about there being fan-less games. Could you imagine playing in a football game with no fans or there being crowd noise pumped into the into the stadium? 

Melvin Gordon: Bro, we didn't have fans anyway. 

Marcus Cromartie: Oh, man Charger fans, they're not going to like that!

Robin Lundberg: Well, there you have it. For many, the idea of playing in front of no fans feels empty, literally and figuratively. But former Chargers running back Melvin Gordon, who's now on the Broncos, of course, knows what it's like saying "we didn't have any fans anyway" about his days in L.A. I guess the Chargers play in Los Angeles and not San Diego now, I also sometimes almost forget.

Chargers running back Melvin Gordon signals to the fans

 Gordon may have held out there, but he didn't hold off on kind of telling the truth and talking with former pro Marcus Cromartie. And even when the Cali fans do come back, you won't really have to feel their wrath anyway since he already bolted L.A.. 

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