Washington Sex Scandal: Snyder, $1.6M And The NFL Repercussions

Washington Football Team Sex Scandal: Owner Dan Snyder, $1.6M And The NFL Repercussions

ASHBURN, Va. -  The Washington Football Team's relative on-field success is being offset by allegations of misogynistic behavior in the front office, the latest headline-grabbing issue being a report that directly involves team owner Dan Snyder.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that the Football Team paid $1.6 million to settle a sexual misconduct claim against Snyder in 2009. The settlement was confidential, but details were apparently revealed  by the NFL during its investigation into a reportedly volume of similar allegations. into the many other sexual harassment and misconduct claims that have been leveled against the team.

Part of this latest sex scandal allegedly involves Snyder and others while aboard his private plane while traveling from the Academy of Country Music Awards. According to the Post, Snyder’s business partners labeled what happened “a serious accusation of sexual misconduct” in a recent court filing.

Snyder is presently at odds with those business partners.

The Post has a copy of the $1.6 million settlement agreement, which does not include any admission of wrongdoing on Snyder's part.

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This is obviously vastly different than the other headline-grabbing story of the moment, QB Dwayne Haskins' mistake in violating COVID protocols by partying at a strip club apparently without permission and without a mask.

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But in a much larger-picture manner, there are allegations of serious "errors in judgment,'' to put it mildly, by the people far up the chain from the young quarterback. And with the allegations come questions about what the NFL knew, who is involved in any cover-up, and whether the quarterback might not be the only Washington Football Team figure in line for severe punishment.