A hockey miracle for the holiday season

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Brent Peterson in 2007. (David E. Klutho/SI)


By Stu Hackel

Let's take a break from concussions and language issues for a bit and talk about a more uplifiting subject on and away from the rink.

Before going any further, take a look at this video of Brent Peterson, the former NHL player and Nashville Predators associate coach who has been undergoing experimental treatments for Parkinson's Disease. If that doesn't move you a bit, you can't be moved.

Rendered unable to walk normally -- he could only shuffle his feet -- without his medication, Peterson was suddenly on a treadmill at the Preds' practice facility on Wednesday thanks to the treatments.

TSN had more video of Petey's tale as well (here and here) on Thursday night.

His is a truly remarkable story, not just because he's a great guy (which he is), but also for the hope he gives others who suffer from Parkinson's debilitating symptoms.