VIDEO: Toews, Thornton drop the gloves

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By Allan Muir

Don't know what got into Chicago captain Jonathan Toews Friday night, but he clearly had enough of his San Jose counterpart, Joe Thornton.

First, Captain Serious decided to board Thornton. Cheap shot all the way. Play continued on the delayed penalty call, but Toews was still fired up. He ignored the puck to chase down Thornton, who was parked on the end boards in the Chicago zone. Toews laid the lumber multiple times on Thornton, who looked like he wasn't quite sure that Toews was serious until the Hawk dropped his gloves.

Probably not his best decision.

It was just the third fight of his career, but you probably could have guessed that from his technique-free and completely failed attempt to teach Jumbo Joe a lesson. Decision, Thornton.