Video: The greatest season-ticket promotion ever

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ByAllan Muir

We are in the presence of genius.

The USHL's Fargo Force has always trended toward the clever when trying to get folks in the doors of Scheels Arena. They have Gluten-Free Night. They pit cops versus kids. They even have a bobblehead for a mascot.

But nothing they've done can top the inspired brilliance of this campaign for 2013-14 season tickets.

Playing off those pitiless Sarah McLachlan/SPCA commercials that challenged NHL Network viewers to see just how quickly they could change the channel, the Force ad reminds us that neglected animals aren't alone in needing our support.

Consider the plight of the Fargo players. They've been abandoned. Penalized for things they didn't even do. And some of them will even lose their teeth.

But you can help. "For just $269 a year, only 73 cents a day, you can become a season-ticket holder and help rescue these players from the grips of low morale."