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Corey Crawford's epic profanity-laced Stanley Cup parade speech

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Blackhawk works blue: Goalie Corey Crawford made the vicar blush in Chicago today. (Nam Y. Huh/AP)

Corey Crawford unleashed a profane speech at the Blackhawks Stanley Cup parade.

By Allan Muir

Two things you knew you were going to hear during the speeches given by the Chicago Blackhawks at Friday's Stanley Cup celebration parade: a reference to "beauties" and a whole passel of f-bombs.

Corey Crawford managed to work them both into one 19-second oration.

Crawford, carrying a WWE-style belt awarded to him by his teammates as their MVP, stepped up to the podium in front of what looked like half of Chicago, slurred a few words, mixed in a couple of Homer Simpson-style "woo-hoos" and let the profanities fly.

It is epic. It also is wildly NSFW and probably NSFH, too, if you live with anyone under the age of 18 who might happen to walk by while you're watching this, so exercise caution before pushing play.

No, seriously: caution!