Jonathan Toews brings shame to the proud sport of hockey

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By Allan Muir

There was a time, not so long ago really, when a man could call himself a hockey player with pride.

But that time, sadly, has passed. And it's all Jonathan Toews' fault.

The captain of the Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks was home in Winnipeg when he took to the Pine Ridge Golf Club with a few buddies, including Zach Bogosian and former Jets' great Dale Hawerchuk. But instead of a relaxing afternoon of chasing balls and swapping stories, the group was challenged to an impromptu game of hockey-on-grass by a rag-tag group of underdogs from PGA Tour Canada.

What happened next is something that must never been spoken of again. Well, except around the 19th hole, where a bunch of minor league golfers can boast about the time they took it to a bunch of NHLers.