Chicago Blackhawks made favorites to repeat as Stanley Cup champs

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The Hangover was set in Vegas, but the oddsmakers there don't expect the Blackhawks to have one. (Getty Images)

Jonathan Toews at the Chicago Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup victory parade.

By Allan Muir

Maybe hockey gamblers aren't the same folks as hockey historians.

That might explain why the Chicago Blackhawks are now the odds-on favorite to celebrate their third Stanley Cup in five years next June, according to

If they were to win, Chicago would be the first team to repeat since the Detroit Red Wings in 1998.

The Hawks were initially set at 15-2 after the Cup final ended, but action from the public over the free agency period has moved them past the Pittsburgh Penguins into the top spot. The Pens, who have yet to figure out a way to convince Marc-Andre Fleury that it's 2009 again, somehow remained at 13-2.

What's harder to justify is the love for Edmonton -- the Oilers will be in tough to make the playoffs in the new Pacific Division -- or Minnesota (who knows if they're even going to make payroll?) but both teams vaulted from 33-1 to 20-1 in response to player action. Hey, it's all a crapshoot, right?

Here are the latest odds on the winner of the 2014 Stanley Cup:

Chicago Blackhawks: 6-1

Pittsburgh Penguins: 13-2

Boston Bruins: 10-1

Los Angeles Kings: 12-1

St. Louis Blues: 12-1

Detroit Red Wings: 16-1

Vancouver Canucks: 16-1

San Jose Sharks: 18-1

Edmonton Oilers: 20-1

Minnesota Wild: 20-1

New York Rangers: 20-1

Anaheim Ducks: 22-1

Montreal Canadiens: 25-1

Toronto Maple Leafs: 25-1

Washington Capitals: 25-1

Philadelphia Flyers: 28-1

New York Islanders: 33-1

Ottawa Senators: 33-1

Carolina Hurricanes: 40-1

Colorado Avalanche: 40-1

Columbus Blue Jackets: 40-1

Dallas Stars: 40-1

New Jersey Devils: 40-1

Nashville Predators: 50-1

Tampa Bay Lightning: 50-1

Winnipeg Jets: 50-1

Phoenix Coyotes: 66-1

Buffalo Sabres: 100-1

Calgary Flames: 100-1

Florida Panthers: 150-1

For what it's worth, the Pens are the 5-2 favorites to win the Eastern Conference, with Boston (19-4) and Detroit (17-2) just behind.