Wayne Gretzky talks SNL, Waikiki Hockey, during appearance on Conan

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By Allan Muir

Not to be all cynical about the timing or anything, but it sure worked out well that Wayne Gretzky was willing to jump back on board with the NHL (after he was made whole financially for his Coyotes coaching deal) just in time to lead the promotion of this weekend's outdoor game at Dodger Stadium.

The Great One has been front and center selling the event, including a splashy national appearance on Conan O'Brien's show on Thursday night. Looking pretty comfortable in the big chair, Gretzky talked about realizing when it was time for him to retire, playing at 147 pounds and how he found out he'd be hosting Saturday Night Live. [Spoiler alert: he didn't agree to do it.]

And who knew the infamous "Waikiki Hockey" sketch was O'Brien's debut on SNL as well?