Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on how Team Canada can win Olympic hockey gold

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By Allan Muir

Team Canada will have the most decorated coaching staff in Sochi, but if Mike Babcock and his crew are looking for a bit of bar stool wisdom from the world's most famous crack-smoking politician, Rob Ford is ready to help.

Speaking on his weekly YouTube program, Ford Nation -- which he does with his brother, Doug -- Toronto's mayor says that the lessons learned from Canada's disappointing performance at the World Juniors need to be applied in Sochi.

"Our game, and I know some people might not want to hear this, but [our game] is a physical game," Ford said, before showing that he is apparently oblivious to the existence of Matt Duchene, Duncan Keith and Sidney Crosby. "We hit, we hit, we hit, and then we win the game. Our kids weren't hitting this year. And they [were] trying to skate with the Russians, with the Swedes, with the Finns -- you can't skate with these people. You've got to take the body. And that's how Canadians were so successful. And I see it shifting, and I hope they don't shift like this in Sochi, in the Olympics coming up, because we won't win. We have to play the old type of Canadian hockey. And that's the Don Cherry type. That's, you gotta hit 'em. Clean. Don't get me wrong. not fighting. I'm just saying take the body."

Ford, who knows a bit about punishing the body, also offered up his gold medal prediction (it ain't Russia), his Stanley Cup pick (no, not the Maple Leafs) and a pronunciation of "Toews" that can't be missed.