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Worst. Hockey. Fight. Ever.

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By Allan Muir

That whirring sound you hear is the late Reg Dunlop spinning in his grave.

Dunlop, of course, was the legendary player/coach played by Paul Newman in Slap Shot who led the scrappy Charlestown Chiefs to a controversial Federal League championship back in 1977. There was a man who appreciated old-time hockey.

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But Reg wouldn't even recognize today's Federal League. For one, it's actually a real thing, not a minor circuit created for a film. And two ... well, they appear not to take parts of the game very seriously. Like fighting, for instance.

Check out this clip from Friday's game between the Dayton Demonz and the Danville Dashers, where Matt Puntureri and Jesse Felton don't quite deliver what was expected of them after dropping the gloves and doffing the helmets. Unless, that is, what you were expecting was a big center ice bro-hug and the chugging of a beer that Puntereri had stuffed into his pants.

As the great Jim Carr once said, "I don't want any of you youngsters out there to get the idea that this is the way to play hockey!"