Canadian tennis sensation Eugenie Bouchard only Habs eyes for the Montreal Canadiens.

By Allan Muir
July 03, 2014

All of Canada has fallen in love with 19-year-old tennis sensation Genie Bouchard. 

Bouchard, who made history Thursday when she became the first Canuck to advance to the women's singles final at Wimbledon, is a Montreal native and a lifelong Canadiens fan. So last season, the club honored the support of the world's 13th-ranked female player with a team sweater, customized with her name and the number of her choice.

And that's where things got interesting. There were rumors -- quickly discredited -- that she chose uniform number 94 because she and Habs forward Alex Galchenyuk (who wore the digits in junior hockey) were an item.

Turns out it was the year of her birth, not AGally, that inspired her choice. And besides, her taste in men veers off in a different, altogether regrettable direction:


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