Trevor Lewis (left) and Drew Doughty are the protagonists in Doughty's strange new online cartoon series.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
By Allan Muir
August 18, 2014

Homer Simpson. Fred Flintstone. Foghorn Leghorn. Drew Doughty.

Drew Doughty?

Ok, maybe it's a little premature to list him among these legends of animation, but the two-time Stanley Cup winner could be on his way to cartoon immortality after the first two episodes of "The Dewy Show" dropped online this week.

Part live action, part crude drawing and 100 percent creepy, these shorts imagine the dim-witted frustration of Doughty and his faithful sidekick Trevor Lewis as their Los Angeles Kings teammates Jeff Carter and Mike Richards spoil his plans to throw "an epic rager."

Check 'em out:


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