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Kevin Bieksa Leveled Radko Gudas With a Roman Reigns-Style Superman Punch

Roman Reigns would be proud. 

I’m not totally enamored with hockey fights because I’m not 13 years old anymore, but I have admit what Kevin Bieksa did to Radko Gudas on Tuesday is pretty awesome. 

Bieksa and Gudas dropped the gloves in the first period and Bieksa promptly dropped Gudas—not just with a single punch, but with a leaping Superman punch. 

Those familiar with Bieksa’s oeuvre will recognize that he’s done this before, nine years ago against Mike Richards. 

But the one on Gudas was so much more impressive. Not only was it a knockout blow, he got significantly more air. It was straight out of Roman Reigns’s playbook. 

The key difference, of course, is that Gudas wasn’t selling it. He really did get knocked on his wallet.