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Alex Ovechkin Saw a Homeless Man ‘Almost Naked’ in Edmonton and Bought Him Winter Clothes

“I think every human can do something,” Ovechkin said of his good deed. 

Winter weather has already hit Edmonton, with temperatures dipping below the freezing mark at night. So when Alex Ovechkin saw a man on the street not wearing a shirt, he knew he had to do something. 

An employee at an Edmonton cafe spotted Ovi giving some winter clothes to a homeless man on Friday afternoon and he was asked to give a few more details during his meeting with the media on Saturday. 

Ovechkin clearly didn’t want to make a big deal out of his good deed but he did explain that he saw a man without a shirt and decided to buy him some winter clothes. The guy didn’t even realize it was a legendary NHL player helping him out. 

“It’s something I think where if you see a guy almost naked out there with that kind of temperature, I think every human can do something, you know? Warm coat or a shirt or whatever.”

That’s a lesson you don't have to be an NHL player to take to heart.