Blues Fan Bets Big, Wins $100,000 After St. Louis's Stanley Cup Victory

The Blues weren't the only ones to go home happy following Wednesday's win.
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The St. Louis Blues ended their Stanley Cup drought by capturing their first-ever championship following a 4–1 win over the Boston Bruins in Game 7 on Wednesday. But they weren't the only ones to go home happy after the final horn sounded.

Blues fan Scott Berry netted a $100,000 payday with the win. Back in January, the St. Louis native had placed a $400 bet on the Blues to win the title in Las Vegas. The team had been given 250–1 odds to win.

Now, he can celebrate as if he won the title himself. He at least attempted to as he watched the Blues capture the victory alongside his friends.

Berry expressed how strong his faith was in his team in an interview with ESPN heading into Game 6, in which the Blues had a chance to finish the series at home.

"The fate of the Blues will be the fate of me," Berry told ESPN. "You never say never [for hedging], but I woke up Friday morning with the feeling the Blues are going to win this in six. That's how I feel."

Berry explained that he received advice on hedging in addition to calls from people offering to buy his ticket off him, with amounts ranging from $26,420 to $75,000. Instead, he decided to maintain belief.

"In my opinion, I've already won. It's kind of crazy how it's all panned out. It's been a wild ride."

He was right, and now his faith has been lavishly rewarded.