NHL Playoffs Could Skate past MLB as Baseball Fights over Salaries: Unchecked

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The NHL has a real opportunity with Major League Baseball acting like a bunch of Astros. And if MLB isn't careful, hockey might skate right past them.

Somehow, the NBA seems poised for a return and the NHL is announcing playoff plans, while MLB continues to play moneyball.

Every story I read about baseball players and owners fighting over salaries, given current circumstances, makes me want to throw up. But you know what doesn’t? A 24 team playoff. And I’m not even really a hockey fan like that. 

If The Last Dance and The Match proved anything, it's that fans are starving for sports. If the NHL can get out on the ice before MLB takes the field, isn’t it possible some who might not have otherwise will at least give them a chance? 

I’ve always thought it made more sense for hockey to market itself against baseball, and not basketball, anyway. An ad campaign showing 30 seconds of NHL action vs 30 seconds of an MLB pitcher getting ready to throw a slider would be effective if you asked me.

And if you asked me which league I’d be more likely to watch right now? It certainly at least feels like the NHL. They’re talking about play and not pay. So I’d suggest Rob Manfred figures out a way to follow Gary Bettman’s lead, before baseball is really past time.

Because as MLB is fighting over salary splits and being able to spit, the NHL appears poised to get after it.