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By Alexander Abnos
May 04, 2015

The first New York City derby isn't for six days, but the banter between the two clubs that claim the Big Apple as home turf has started to ramp up on social media.

However, with exactly zero history between the sides, let's just say that source material for needling the opposite fan base is running a *teensy* bit thin. 

Today's interactions on Twitter were a primary example. Major League Soccer's legacy New York outfit, the New York Red Bulls, tweeted this morning: 

That's a picture of a chant sheet, distributed at a recent NYCFC home game. The intention, of course, is to mock supporters of New York City Football Club for needing lyrics in front of them to know what to cheer during a match. That's really grasping at straws. NYCFC is a brand-new club, created out of thin air. The team has only played nine competitive games ever, and only five have been home games -- the place where fans can actually master these chants and, just maybe, create a few organically as well. 

NYCFC's supporters club, The Third Rail, realized this and relied, weirdly enough, on deep MLS history for a perfect response:

It's–gasp!–a chant sheet. From the Red Bulls' second-ever home game, back in 1996 when the team was known as the MetroStars. 

Sunday's NYC derby can't come soon enough, if only so that these people will have an actual on-field history to talk about. 


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