Here's how the 24 teams stack up entering the 2016 European Championship.

By Jonathan Wilson
June 06, 2016

Euro 2016 kicks off on Friday with the host France playing against Romania. This feels like a new era for European football. Spain, the winner of the last two Euros, has been toppled and, while it remains a serious contender to win the title, it does not go into the tournament with anything like the same level of expectation as it did four years ago, when it became the first nation successfully to defend the European crown.

Reigning World Cup champion Germany is flawed, England has a young side full of potential and Belgium hopes that its array of stars can at last find a coherence for the national team. This is a tournament without a clear favorite beyond the host, but such has been its habit of self-destruction there can’t be a huge amount of confidence in Didier Deschamps’s side, either.

Here's how the 24 teams stack up entering the competition:

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