By Andrew Lawrence
June 06, 2014
Kurt Busch (right) and girlfriend Patricia Driscoll met up with Marine Sgt. Liam Dwyer at Dover.
Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Imagees

Cycle of salvation

From the depths of despair, wounded veteran Jesse Williamson is rising to stardom in his sport.
Courtesy of Ryan Smith/SI

"We went to the go-kart track and he put up a good fight," says Busch. "I took it to him. I mean, I'm the pro! But it was fun to race with him and feel that energy from him, from that rehab moment when we were together in that room. He used that motivation to get through it. Now he's racing with me. He can go back and tell his brothers in the military that Kurt was a man of his word, that he was there, and that there was inspiration received from both sides."

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