Report: Jamal Anderson, former Atlanta Falcons running back, arrested for DUI

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Former Falcons running back Jamal Anderson, pictured here in 2010, was arrested for DUI Sunday morning near Atlanta.


Jamal Anderson, the former star running back for the Atlanta Falcons, was arrested Sunday morning for drunken driving, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Monday.

The now 39-year-old Anderson was pulled over and arrested by police on Sunday around 4:30 a.m. after he held up traffic by driving too slow, according to the paper's report. He posted bond later Sunday and was released.

This is not Anderson's first brush with the law since leaving the NFL. In February 2009, he was arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession after an off-duty police officer spotted him snorting cocaine in the bathroom of a club. According to the Journal-Constitution's report Monday, those charges were eventually dismissed.

Anderson rose to NFL stardom with Atlanta during the 1998 season, when he led the NFC in rushing and the Falcons to a Super Bowl appearance in 1999. Atlanta lost to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII that season. He became known for his touchdown celebration dance, which was dubbed the "Dirty Bird." In 2001, Anderson suffered a career-ending ACL tear.