April 07, 2008

American billionaire George Soros could complete a takeover of Roma as early as this week, according to the Gazzetta dello Sport.

There have been strong reports in the Italian media for several weeks now that Roma would have to be sold due to the fact that the club's parent company, Italpetroli, had accumulated debts in the region of $580 million.

Giallorossi administrative delegate Rosella Sensi has since made numerous declarations that her father, President Franco Sensi, would not be selling.

A number of American businessmen -- including San Jose Earthquakes and Oakland A's co-owner John Fisher and Liverpool FC co-owner Tom Hicks -- have been heavily associated, but Soros' name has entered the fray in recent days.

Rothschild Bank, representative for philanthropist and political activist Soros, will meet with the Sensi family's legal team straight after Roma's Champions League tie in Manchester on Wednesday.

If the talks go well, the Hungarian-bornSoros is then expected to launch an immediate takeover bid. In order to soften up Roma fans, who are against foreign ownership, the 78-year-old has spoken in glowing terms of Francesco Totti.

"Totti is simply a phenomenon. I like him very much," he said.

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