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FIFA scandal: John Oliver 'fires' back at Jack Warner

HBO comedian John Oliver responds to former FIFA official Jack Warner's second video address.
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The latest episode in the John Oliver vs. Jack Warner saga escalated very quickly. On Sunday night's show, Oliver apologized for embarrassing any citizens of Trinidad and Tobago before mocking Warner's latest video in which he calls the HBO star a "comedian fool." Oliver takes things a step further with the addition of dramatic music and pyrotechnics.

“We both have our flaws,” Oliver said. “People say I'm not a good listener for example. Just as I've said that you diverted $750,000 in Haiti Relief Funds into a bank account you controlled. And sure we may both dispute those charges, but my point is neither of us is perfect. So to you I say this Jack, if you really want to continue trading s--- videos with increasingly high production elements then consider your challenge accepted my friend.”

Jack Warner responds to John Oliver's message on Trinidadian TV

This all comes after Warner went on television in Trinidad & Tobago to share his own claims against FIFA, including the fact that their money influenced their 2010 national election. Oliver responded by buying his own airtime to call on the former FIFA official to release as much incriminating evidence against FIFA as possible. 

In the newest video, Oliver jokes about his own looks and then exposes Warner's shoddy video editing skills that simply used the top Google result for "epic and dramatic music" to exaggerate his argument.

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Warning: the following video contains explicit language:


Warner was one of the 14 FIFA officials and business partners named in the U.S. Justice Department's indictment in late May. The indictment alleges he accepted a $10 million bribe from the South African government to vote for the country's 2010 World Cup bid, along with reportedly accepting $1 million to vote for Morocco's bid that same year.

No response has been released by Warner's camp yet. 

John Oliver addresses ex-FIFA official Jack Warner on Trinidad television

- Christopher Chavez