Gunman robs Napoli star, asks him to dedicate goal to him during getaway

After Napoli striker Lorenzo Insigne was robbed at gunpoint, the gunman asked him to score a goal. 
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Napoli striker Lorenzo Insigne was robbed by an apparent fan on Saturday night.

Insigne’s agent said the player was robbed at gunpoint in Naples while with his wife and two friends Saturday, according to the BBC. The group was walking through Naples when a motorcycle pulled up to the group, and a masked gunman asked them to hand over their possessions. 

As the robber sped away with a Rolex watch, jewelry and cash, he asked Insigne to dedicate a goal to him during a Monday match. Insigne started but did not score in Napoli's 1-1 draw with Fiorentina, which dropped the club further behind surging Juventus in the Serie A table.

“Lorenzo suffered a terrible experience and told me that it was a really bad moment,” Insigne’s agent Antonio Ottaiano told the BBC.