Mexican Football Federation Handed Another Fine for Homophobic Chants During Matches

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The Mexican Football Federation have received another fine from FIFA for homophobic chants. This time, the sanction coming as a result of the behaviour of fans during matches against Honduras and the United States - on June 6 and June 8.

The FMF have been fined 20,000 Swiss francs (approximately 367,487 pesos) for "improper conduct of their group of spectators," according to Mexican news outlet Medio Tiempo.


This becomes the tenth fine that the Mexican Football Federation have been handed since November 2015. As a result of the federation's inability to control fans, the FMF have now accumulated a total of 14,000 Swiss francs in penalties - equivalent to about 2.5m pesos.

The actions of supporters has come to the point where Mexican players are actually pleading for them to stop. In March, national team goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa spoke out in an attempt to persuade the fans to curb their behaviour.


“We have to take each opportunity to tell the people to create consciousness, as the federation has for a while,” Ochoa said, via Pink News. “We know the chant is not about offending anyone, but there are people that see it like that and we could be affected.

“I believe people want to continue watching the national team in its stadium, we want the people there supporting us and the federation is searching for the best way to get that message across.”

The most notable chant from the fans comes whenever goal kicks are being taken, screaming 'Puto' - a derogatory homophobic word for a male prostitute.