Reds Boss Jürgen Klopp Slams Plans to Move Liverpool's Game Against Arsenal to Christmas Eve

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Liverpool Jürgen Klopp has urged Sky not to change his side's key Premier League match against Arsenal from the 23rd December to Christmas Eve. It has been strongly rumoured that the company will push the game back by 24 hours, allowing the crunch fixture to be broadcast on their television network.

The switch in date could prove a nightmare for the travelling Liverpool fans, who would not arrive back home until the early hours of Christmas morning, and the journey to the game could prove chaotic with the traditional Christmas eve scramble that clogs up the country's motorways. 


Quoted by the Daily Mail after his pre-match press conference, Klopp admitted: "I knew before I came here there would be a few intense fixtures but to protect the game to be at the highest quality, you need to use common sense. The television broadcasters can do that by themselves.

"They can say 'Yeah but you signed it' but you can still think about it. That's how it is. You can still think about it if you want a real game. The 24th is another one, that is new. That is not about intensity or whatever. That is just a game on a day when nobody asked for football. If we play on December 24 I am not sure we can fight against it but Sky has to make a decision.

"If they really want to do this, if they really want to bring supporters onto the streets that night, if they really want to bring all the people who work for television away from home that night."

Klopp's concerns are likely to fall on deaf ears, and the game could go ahead leaving the travelling Reds fans in turmoil. Rumours that Klopp's true concerns lie in the rescheduled fixture taking away his opportunity to peel his spuds and carrots ahead of the Christmas dinner have neither been confirmed nor denied...