EA Sports Hilariously Troll King of Twitter Michy Batshuayi After Striker's Message Post-Atletico

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Michy Batshuayi and EA Sports' Twitter interactions are something that every fan has come to love, to the point where it's difficult to imagine the social site without them.

The Belgian banter king had a bone to pick with the makers of FIFA 18 recently over his rating and statistics in this year's game, and since then they have been back and forth.


The 23-year-old is adamant that he should be a bit higher, and has been on a mission to prove to EA that they made a mistake in only rating him 80.

They told him to 'continue scoring goals and we'll talk' before they considered such course of action, and Batshuayi has done exactly that.

On Wednesday he was the hero of the hour after scoring with the last kick of the game to defeat Atletico Madrid 2-1 at their new Wanda Metropolitano.

Naturally, everybody expected Batshuayi to hit EA up after the game to make a last-ditch plea for a rise in ratings ahead of FIFA's Friday release.

Although he did hit them up, it wasn't exactly in the way that people expected - he instead chose to upload a gif of Arnold Schwarzenegger getting pumped up with the caption 'Ahahahaha everyone was waiting for me to come at @EASPORTSFIFA like ...'.

EA then trolled Batshuayi beautifully by claiming that he would be upping his own stats to 99 as soon as he loaded up the game for the first time.