Gary Neville Trades Coaching Role to Open Up University With Fellow Class of '92 Legends

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Manchester United legend Gary Neville has shifted his focus away from the pitch to open up a new university in Manchester that will teach Business Studies, Media, Sports Administration and Hospitality courses.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Neville explained that the University Academy 92 (UA92) will be built besides the Old Trafford cricket ground as he sets up the University with former team mates Phil Neville, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt. 


The Salford City FC co-owner teamed up alongside Salford University's Dean Amanda Broderick to discuss the issue of unpreparedness amongst students when they graduate from university. 

The idea of UA92 is to bring that support and confidence that Gary Neville was given as a youth growing up in the Manchester United academy, which today's generation lacking in. 

"They [students] needed more work to be done so they were ready for the work and for that slog which happens when you come out of university at 21 and have 40 years in front of you. You’re going to be criticised and praised, you’ll have to self-analyse, you’ll have to be able to present to an audience. 


"We talked to Amanda and established 10 pillars or principles that I think everyone should have instilled in them between 16 and 21. We put in a sum of money to do a study to see if we could turn this into something deliverable as an education."

Neville believes him and his fellow team mates will put their legendary status to use by investing in the future and giving the young people of Manchester the chance to succeed with the same education.

"We should use our strength, our name to create what I think are great projects which can affect a lot of people and do things that will impact young people in this area. All of us together have an obligation to give people a chance because that’s what happened to us.

"If we don’t believe in doing that, after what happened to us, it would be a huge waste of the faith that we’ve built up."