Eddie Howe Gives Insight on Bournemouth Progress, His Ambition and the Sacrifices He Had to Make

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When Eddie Howe entered the world of managing he was at the tender age of 31. Now coming close to the ripe age of 40, nine years and 433 games into management, he is still the youngest manager in the Premier League. In an interview with  Sky Sports, Howe revealed all the rigours of managing and all the difficulties that come with the job on and off the pitch.

Howe was extremely reminiscent of his life and detailed the things that he has to give up just to be successful in his role due to the intensity that it requires. He said: 

“They are moments when you can reflect and look back and think about everything that the job entails and you can make decisions in those moments when you think, 'right that is what I am going to do. 

"There are days when you spend time apart (from your family) and you think, I might not get that time back, that's something every manager will be able to relate to.”


There have been suggestions in the past that Bournemouth is too comfortable a job for Howe and he should seek to find pastures new if he is to discover his true talents. Howe had no problem with this saying: 

“I have no problems in moving, I think you have to if you're going to progress, to go out of your comfort zone and be the best you can be. I think that is a must sometimes. I'm absolutely driven and focused on the team. 

"The perception may be that it's comfortable but I'm determined to be successful. Yes, I'm content in the environment but I'm also fiercely ambitious for the club.”

Howe also touched on the lack of young English coaches present in the league claiming: “I'm not proud of the fact there are so few English coaches around, I'd love there to be more, I think there should be more. 

"It's up to us to try and do better but the opportunities are becoming rarer and rarer for English coaches and I think probably the only sure way to get to the Premier League is to get promoted.”


Since Bournemouth entered the Premier League they have been a breath of fresh air. Abandoning the concept that newly promoted teams have to put 11 men behind the ball, they took the game to their opponents playing some scintillating football along the way. 

In recent years their form has somewhat stalled as the league has caught up to their play. But there is no doubt that Howe has done a wonderful job at Burnley and will be looking forward to the challenges that the job continues to bring.