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December 05, 2017

Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata has admitted that it is 'nice' for people to say that Real Madrid miss him after he left the club in the summer.

Morata opted to quit Los Blancos for a second time after failing to command a regular starting place, but the team's relative lack of goals in La Liga after a tough start to the season perhaps would have meant he might actually have had much more of a chance had he stayed.

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"I don't know if Real Madrid miss me or not, but it's nice that people say that," the player said in an interview with Spanish broadcaster TVE.

"I wish, though, that they didn't have to say this, as that would mean things were going well."

Morata continues to wish his former club well, and some may even interpret his latest comments as a further admission that he would rather still be in Spain or elsewhere than London.


Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport in October, Morata admitted that he 'really missed' Italy and would like to live there, while his new wife would like to live in Spain.

He also said, "I live in downtown Chelsea. London fascinates me with its multi-ethnicity, the coexistence of cultures and religions, but I do not see myself living here for very long."

'Too stressful' was another term he used to describe living in London.

The day after those comments, Morata claimed something had been lost in translation and that he would happily stay at Chelsea for 10 years.

On the pitch, at least, Morata has been a success. He scored his 9th Premier League goal of the season at the weekend - only Harry Kane and Mohamed Salah have scored more in 2017/18.

But as Chelsea fans know only too well, on-field success does not always match up with off-field happiness, with Diego Costa, now back with Atletico Madrid after three fiery seasons at Stamford Bridge, being the perfect recent example.

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