By 90Min
December 19, 2017

Footballers are known for their extremely high wages and are often papped driving into their respective training grounds in their souped-up Ferraris and luxurious Range Rovers.

What people tend to forget is that managers are also handsomely paid, and The Sun has revealed the motors of several tacticians in the Premier League, and interestingly, their selections actually really reflect their personalities.

Image by Tom Procter

First up is Pep Guardiola. The Manchester City boss portrays himself as a man of style, which is a trait that seems to have become embedded into his team this season. The Spaniard is cool and has an abundance of pizzazz, and it just seems inevitable that he would dart around in a £200k Bentley GTX700.

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho embodies method and pragmatism, and owns a relatively modest Jaguar F-Pace, despite earning a similar salary to Guardiola. He drives that when not being chauffeured to training, where he apparently sometimes sets out his training sessions.

Also on the Jaguar hype is Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger. The Frenchman owns a £60k XJ, which ironically means that he's bought something pretty decent, but ultimately could have forked out more since the money is there...

Image by Tom Procter

Next up is Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp. The German is often credited with being 'real', and his down to earth style has prompted the purchase of a straight-forward but efficient Opel Insignia worth just £18k.

And then there's Antonio Conte of Chelsea, who is driven into to work by a Jeep Grand Cherokee. In a past instance the no-nonsense Italian's chauffeur seemed to be unavailable, and he was dropped off by his wife in her £14k Nissan Juke.

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