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December 24, 2017

The perpetual deja vu reared its ugly head again for Liverpool's Simon Mignolet against Arsenal as he was at fault for the Gunners' second and third goal, undoing the impressive work of the Reds' attackers as the goalkeeper once again proved he is not good enough to steer the club to a charge for much needed silverware.

One can only bang there head against a brick wall so many times before they get knocked out, yet for all of the 29-year-old's error-ridden performances for Liverpool since his arrival at the club in 2013, he still manages to stay standing and be considered the Reds' first choice stopper. 


It truly is astonishing that he is still at the club for all the points he has let slip through his fingers, it's not as if there are no possible upgrades out there. The 3-3 draw with Arsenal has to be the breaking point. Liverpool have to be ruthless. Jurgen Klopp must relinquish his loyalty to the player, otherwise the club will struggle to achieve any level of success.

Teams often build their side from back to front, establishing a strong and well-balanced defensive unit which relies on a goalkeeper to instil confidence and a sense of calm in what are the most pressurised positions on the field - qualities Mignolet does not offer.

The Belgium international is admittedly at the mercy of his own lack of confidence, which is continually exacerbated with every mistake he makes. Errors which have cost the Reds up to 55 points since his debut. 

As such, for the entirety of his four-and-a-half seasons at Anfield he has continually been under question as to whether he can take Liverpool to the promised land. If there were any lingering hopes that he could miraculously turn his career at the club around, they were dashed following his performance at the Emirates. 

Failing to push Granit Xhaka's strike over the crossbar, instead offering a weak left arm on its way into the goal, and diving before Mesut Ozil had unleashed his shot were two moments which cost Liverpool two points. 

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Liverpool can no longer afford to stick by their man. Too often he dips between a handful of balanced outings and a series of unstable performances - like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.

The ironic fact of the matter is that Liverpool offer very few chances for the opposition to take strike at their goal, yet the 29-year-old possesses the worst save percentage in the league so far with 52.8%. 

A staggering contrast to Burnely's Nick Pope and Manchester United's David de Gea who respectively have a 83.9% and 83.3% save percentage.

It all stems down to his positioning, game awareness and confidence under the high ball (just to name a few). They are all constant points of discussion when assessing Mignolet's ability - or lack there of - as although making errors in football are expected, failing to learn from them are not.

Now it is time the Reds learnt from theirs. Two young keepers are patiently waiting to seize their opportunity, Loris Karius and Danny Ward. Although Karius himself has posed more questions than he's answered in his Liverpool career to date he deserves a chance, as does Ward - who has yet to put a foot wrong.

No longer can Klopp justify Mignolet starting ahead of either keeper, as he has had a dozen chances and not seized any of them. He is not the future of the club and it is time to invest in those who are.

Klopp will undoubtedly continue to support his man in the media, as he always does, but after almost 200 games for the club it is time to close the curtains on Mignolet's time at Anfield.

A ferocious and deadly attack now needs to be supported by a top class goalkeeper, then, and only then will Liverpool be on their way to adding to their impressive trophy haul. 

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