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December 25, 2017

Fabio Capello has revealed Zlatan Ibrahimovic's early problem while he was manager at Juventus, and stated that the Swede was very poor at shooting in his early days.

In a recent interview, Capello revealed that Swedish star Ibrahimovic was very bad at shooting early on in his career, and the Manchester United striker broke more 'gym windows' than 'goalkeepers hands' in his early days, as reported by FourFourTwo.


"When Ibrahimovic arrived at Juventus, he was not good at shooting. [Agent] Mino Raiola said to me: 'Zlatan is really strong; he breaks goalkeepers' hands'. I said to him: 'Listen to me: so far, he's only broken the windows of the gym!'.

"Then Ibrahimovic began to train every day to kick and, obviously, as everyone knows, he improved a lot. I targeted Ibrahimovic when I was Roma coach. Juventus made an incredible purchase: they bought him for €16million, payable in four payments. At Ajax, they decided he would not be a great player. They preferred to keep Mido, who was easier to manage."


Capello's comments may not come as much of a surprise to many, as it is well known that Ibrahimovic is a man that has practiced day in day out since becoming a professional. The extra sessions after training certainly proved to be worth it and it is really a testament to the man, who to this day still proves to defy logic.

Despite coaching Ibrahimovic, Capello later revealed that the Swede was not the best player he coached. In actual fact it was the Brazilian Ronaldo who Capello revealed as the best he's coached.

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"The best player I coached was Ronaldo. Unfortunately, I found him at the end of his career, when he weighed 96 kilograms.

"I asked him 'What was your weight at the 2002 World Cup?'. He told me it was 84 kilos. I replied: 'Try at least to go back to 88'. Anyway, he was a great player."

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