Watford goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes has named his football idol growing up, his toughest ever opponent and his favourite Premier League away ground as part of an interview for the Premier League and BT Disability programme.

As a young player at Cruzeiro, Gomes looked up to a fellow Brazilian goalkeeper who had played for the club in the 1990s before making a successful switch to Europe to win trophies.


"A guy that used to play for my club in Brazil - Dida. He used to play for AC Milan as well," Gomes explained while chatting to 13-year-old Hornets fan Jack James, who takes part in Watford FC Community Sports and Education Trust disability sessions.

As for the toughest forward he's ever faced, the 37-year-old opted said, "Probably Cristiano Ronaldo," a player Gomes faced in the Premier League during his time with Tottenham.

The one away ground that stands out above all the others that Gomes has played since first moving to England in 2008 is the home of Liverpool.


"For sure, Anfield. Anfield, for me, has one of the best atmospheres," he said.

The award-winning BT Sport Films team is producing and broadcasting short films on individuals and storylines involved in the Premier League and BT Disability programme, raising the profile of the project and the clubs’ broader inclusion work to millions of people.

Following an independent funding application assessment process, successful Premier League clubs will employ a dedicated Disability Officer responsible for co-ordinating the programme and promoting inclusion.

Disability Officers will work with local agencies to amplify existing work and deliver programmes that engage disabled people through sport. Sport will be used to provide a range of opportunities such as volunteering, education, employability, and apprenticeships.

BT Sport 1 aired the latest film from the Premier League BT Disability Initiative on Premier League Tonight on Saturday 24th February