By 90Min
March 12, 2018

Spurs duo Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris were the proud participants of a private tour of Tottenham's new stadium last week.

The Londoners are currently housed at Wembley while the novel White Hart Lane is being constructed, but the striker and goalkeeper were allowed in to take in the sights, as well as show fans a bit of what they can expect upon completion.


The stadium will be able to accommodate 62,062 fans when the doors finally open, something which has both players excited as the thought of playing on their home turf, in front of that many supporters, seemed too much to even bear.

"Walking out and just seeing how the stands are, it’s incredible, I can’t wait to see it with our fans inside here," Kane said.

"You get goosebumps thinking of all the fans sitting in their seats. It’s going to be amazing and to think we’re not that far away from playing here.

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"I remember sitting at White Hart Lane as a fan growing up and watching Tottenham play so to now be part of the team and moving into this big stadium is really exciting."

"It’s very impressive and so compact," Lloris added. "When it’s full it’s going to be awesome. We are looking forward - we need a big, big atmosphere in this stadium. It’s going to be very modern, one of the best in Europe and we are lucky to be part of this project.

"It’s a dream as a player to play in front of 62,000 home fans and a privilege. We’re going to try to share with them great emotion and to share our passion together."

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