Brazilian Legend Ronaldinho Will Marry Two Women at the Same Time

You may now kiss the... brides?
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Brazilian soccer icon Ronaldinho will marry two women in a ceremony in August, according to Rio de Janeiro newspaper O Dia

According to various reports, Ronaldinho met Priscilla Coehlo some time between 2012 and 2014, while he was playing for Atletico Mineiro. He met Beatriz Souza in 2016 and began dating her while also continuing his relationship with Coelho. All three people live together in Ronaldihno’s Rio condominium.

A small wedding will be held in Ronaldinho’s home, though his sister, who does not agree with his lifestyle, has said she won’t attend, O Dia reports.

Brazil, like many countries, outlaws bigamy and polygamy but civil unions between more than two people are not unheard of there. In 2012, a man and two women in Sao Paulo state became Brazil’s first three-person civil union. Three women in Rio had their union recognized in 2015