Watch: Brazil Fans Celebrate Germany's World Cup Coming to a Close With a Funeral

It is almost never appropriate to dance on someone's grave. This is one of the few instances in which it is appropriate.
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Brazil fans have been waiting to see Germany get embarrassed on the pitch.

It has been four years since Germany ruined Brazil's shot at winning the World Cup in Brazil with a 7-1 drubbing in the semifinals before winning the title itself.

On Wednesday however, Brazil and its fans got the closest thing they could get to revenge without eliminating the Germans themselves, as a 2-0 loss to South Korea kept Germany from advancing out of the group stage. It marked Germany's worst finish in the World Cup since 1938.

Germany's chance to match Brazil's record of five World Cup titles were killed.

Brazilians decided to hold a funeral.

There was also this tweet that came out right after Germany lost.

It isn't as sweet as if Brazil beat Germany 7-1 in the semifinals in Germany, but with Brazil advancing to the knockout stage just a few hours after Germany was eliminated, it was likely good enough for the Brazilians.

Brazil faces Mexico in the Round of 16 on Monday.