England captain Harry Kane has taken the decision to shut himself off from social media, in a bid to improve focus and reduce pressure.

Harry Kane's performances in this World Cup have been in stark contrast to those during Euro 2016. In France, Kane played in every match but didn't score a goal and is mainly remembered for his inability to take a corner. This time round, he's been England's focal point, scoring five goals in just two games, leading the race for the golden boot.


Kane has explained to the Daily Telegraphwhat he has done differently at the World Cup: ''For me, it's to stay away from the hype of it all.

"I was so excited about the Euros, being on twitter all the time or being on news apps. You want to see what everyone is talking.

''But it had a negative effect because I was reading too much. I was thinking too much. I feel like I am at my best when I am free in my mind, playing football. This tournament I've changed that and stayed off social media as much as possible.''

Kane has also taken the decision to cut-back on how much of the World Cup he watches, in order to have down time away from football. 

''I've watched some of the games, but not too many games where you are getting caught up in everything and it's hard not to get caught up in the emotions of it. I just try and stay clear of it.

''I'm just focused on doing my best and the more I stay away from that and focus on my game and myself, the better I will be.''