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The USWNT’s Top 10 Poses With the Women’s World Cup Trophy

We ranked the USWNT’s top 10 poses with the Women’s World Cup Trophy. Trust us, you're going to want to see these. 

The United States women's national team capped off a phenomenal Women's World Cup run with its second straight championship Sunday, earning the USWNT's fourth-ever title by beating the Netherlands 2–0.

After the trophy presentations, including Megan Rapinoe winning in the Golden Boot and Golden Ball awards, and fan congratulationseven one from President Donald Trump—the women celebrated big time with a locker room party filled with some great Alex Morgan dance moves and plenty of champagne and silly string.  

Following the celebration, or perhaps mid fete, FIFA gave the women a trophy photo shoot that resulted in plenty of great shots. With a team filled with amazing athletes and activists, there was no doubt the photos would be any less than spectacular. 

From Morgan's take on the tea controversy to too many gems from Julie Ertz to choose from, here are our top 10 favorites from the shoot:

No. 10: Rapinoe is the only Lady Liberty we acknowledge here.


No. 9: Alyssa Naeher's album coming soon.


No. 8: No need to go looking for a frog prince, Allie Long. You've got a World Cup title, which is way better. 


No. 7: Rapinoe tried to tell you, it’s just science. 


No. 6: Rock-a-bye trophy, in Jessica McDonald’s arm; if she catches you flatfooted, she’ll cook you like chicken parm.


No. 5: Emily Sonnett will not be giving that up anytime soon. Sorry, not sorry.


No. 4: Long and Rapinoe: "Get in, loser. We’re going skiing."


No. 3: You can call to congratulate Ashlyn Harris on her cellphone, we mean trophy. 


No. 2: Ertz would absolutely shred at an Air Guitar competition.


No. 1: Champions like Morgan only drink scalding cups of liquid from trophies. 


And that's all the tea for today.