Ball boy blunder frustrates Troicki

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Perhaps the most memorable point in Viktor Troicki's near-upset of Andy Murray on Tuesday -- a 4-6, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 7-5 victory for the Scot that spanned two days -- wasn't even a point at all.

With Murray serving at 2-3 in the fifth, Troicki approached the net to put away an easy overhand smash. That's when a ball boy prematurely ran onto the court, mistakenly believing the point was over. Even though Troicki pounded the shot in, the point had to be replayed.

Troicki lost the next point -- shooting a deadly glare at the sheepish 12-year-old on the sidelines -- but the Serb ended up breaking Murray's serve anyway for a 4-2 lead. After letting the match slip away, Troicki refused to blame it on the overeager tween.

"I haven't ever seen it on TV. Not since I've been watching and playing tennis have I ever seen such a situation," Troicki said afterward. "The kid just jumped in and messed up my point. I can't blame him but still, I was a little bit disappointed."

Here's video of the unusual incursion: