Welcome to SI.com's Beyond The Baseline

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Tennis is a 24/7 sport. ATP and WTA players travel the globe week to week, chasing a little, yellow, fuzzy ball as it bounces from country to country, continent to continent. There's always something happening at all hours of the day, at points all over the globe. How are fans supposed to keep up and still remain proper, mildly functional members of society?

That's where SI.com's tennis team comes in.

Welcome to Beyond The Baseline (a rebirth of Open Source), your destination for all the relevant tennis news that's fit to blog about daily and, let's face it, irrelevant matters that are just too entertaining to ignore. From the Grand Slams to the non-majors, we'll touch on the topics that have people buzzing and shine a spotlight on the lesser-known tidbits that keep this dynamic sport, full of interesting and engaging personalities, fun and fresh.

So tuck on in, warm yourself a nice cup of soy milk (gluten-free, obviously) and count the number of Grand Slam titles Roger Federer and Serena Williams have won as you peacefully drift off to sleep, knowing that someone out there has a hot cup o' joe on hand and is ready to bring you the latest happenings in this great sport.

Things heat up immediately around here as the U.S. Open begins on Monday. I'll be reporting from Flushing, N.Y., throughout the two-week tournament, informing, quipping and hopefully entertaining in this space.

So with that in mind, here we go.