Djokovic's Sharapova imitation hits the court

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Novak Djokovic likes to laugh. He also likes making other people laugh. So it must have been quite the boon for him to discover that he is very good at impressions. Of course, that penchant for fun used to get him in trouble. His impressions weren't all that popular in the locker room (jeez, have a sense of humor, guys) and the negativity surrounding them compelled him to can them until further notice.

Well it looks like Nole gets the last laugh.

By now most people have seen his shot for shot remake of Maria Sharapova's Head Instinct commercial. Not too shabby. Now we see him take it to the courts. The permanent fistpump was a nice touch.

Ok, so technically Maria gets the last laugh. Or last hyperventilating fit, if that's what that was. Never underestimate her ability to be lovably dorky. It's a very underrated quality.