Video: Ivanovic wins point, nails celebration

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Ana Ivanovic and Sloane Stephens played an epic point on Saturday that put Ivanovic's hard hitting against Stephens' defensive skills. Ivanovic won it to a secure the break, and her adorable celebration may have eclipsed the quality of the point.

"I was a little bit excited," she said, laughing. "But, like I said, it was emotional. And the crowd really got behind us. It was a lot of excitement, a lot of buildup. I think it was a great rally. We were hitting the ball so well. To finish the point on that note and on a shot like that, it was really exciting.

But, you know, doesn't matter if it was break point. Even if it was first point of the match, I would probably be as excited."

Being excited was never Ana's problem. Winning points was. Nice to see the two come together here.