Say what? U.S. Open Day 8 quote roundup

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Everyone from Novak Djokovic to baristas can imitate Ana Ivanovic's fist pump. (UPI /Landov)

A roundup of the best quotage from players during Day 8 at the U.S. Open.

• "Yeah, of course. Even the guy in Starbucks did that."

-- Ana Ivanovic, on whether Novak Djokovic has ever imitated her fist pump.

• "One of the first professional tournaments that we played together, I think was in 's-Hertogenbosch in Holland, and he was in the player lounge doing impersonations of all these players. I said, 'Come on, do an impersonation of me,' and then he started like banging his leg against the floor. I was like, 'Do I really do that?' It was kind of embarrassing."

-- Ana Ivanovic, on Djokovic.

• "Yeah. I walk out there, do the Crip walk and try to intimidate them. No, I don't try. I just am. I am who I am. I don't know whether that's intimidating or not. I am just me."

-- Serena Williams, on whether she's intimidating to other players.

• "I don't know if I'm the best or not. I believe I am and I think a lot of other girls believe they are, too, as they should. I don't think anyone should go out and say that they're not."

-- Serena Williams, on whether she thinks she's the best player in the world right now.

• "It's been a long three months since [the Madrid tournament in May].  You just go.  I only had eight days off after the French because I didn't play Queen's.  Then I went straight from Wimbledon to Davis Cup.  Then I went home for four days and then I went to Atlanta.  Then I went back to L.A. and played.  I had four days and then I went to Montreal.  So, I mean, I'm spent."

-- Mardy Fish, on his grueling schedule.

• "My game is very good when I have nothing in my head, when I just play my game, when I don't think about other things like the wind, people in the box, all this stuff, the photographers. Sometimes it's tough for me, you know, the click."

-- Jo Wilfried Tsonga, on avoiding distraction to be strong mentally.

• "What happened?  You didn't see?"

-- Svetlana Kuznetsova, in response to a question about what happened after she won the first set in her three-set loss to Caroline Wozniacki.

• "I think Serbians actually have quite a combustible character. Maybe that's good for tennis. Maybe that's something that drives us. But sometimes we can have fired-up emotions out there."

-- Ana Ivanovic, on the common traits of her fellow Serbian tennis players.

• "She's still a great player.  What's wrong if she didn't win a Grand Slam?  ... I think it's talking of nothing."

-- Svetlana Kuznetsova, on whether Caroline Wozniacki has the game to win a Grand Slam tournament.

• "I'll remember beating Rafa [in Cincinnati]. I'll remember being very close, again, to getting that Masters 1000 title in Montreal.  I don't win tournaments every week.  I'm not Djokovic and these guys, so I don't win all the time.  So those are memorable."

Mardy Fish, on his outstanding summer run.